Sponsor the 2018 Topcoder Open

The best of the best - designers, developers, and data scientists will gather to compete and win. 

Be a big part of this one of a kind technology event.

What does a Topcoder Open feel like?

Learn the top 3 reasons for Topcoder Open sponsorship below.

"This competition has a number of different divisions, all of which are applicable to what we do at Yelp!" 

"We ended up hiring 3 people from the Topcoder Community so it totally makes sense to be back here."  - Pocket Gems

"Well we have Googlers competing so I'd love to see them getting awards at the end of the competition" - Google

“Sponsoring and hosting the Topcoder Open gave Booz Allen insight into the minds of the world’s best coders and designers. Our people thrive at the intersection of design, development, and analytics to solve problems, and we’re looking forward to being involved in future TCO events.” - Mike Isman, Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton

Sponsoring TCO18 will help your organization with:

  • Recruitment - a unique opportunity to connect with the top talent in the world 
  • Technology Adoption - increase awareness and adoption of your tech and APIs
  • Thought Leadership - be a leader in the rise of crowdsourcing and community-based development