IBM Mood Marbles
Design + Rapid Prototype

IBM wanted a new way to visualize team sentiment during the course of a technical project. Mood Marbles is an inventive, simple, and visual way to better understand a project’s trajectory while monitoring individual performance.

Project Details

This project was a team collaboration with IBM. The design and UI was created through crowdsourcing challenges and successfully passed over to an IBM development team to bring Mood Marbles forward, faster. 


It’s one thing soliciting feedback from your team once a project has wrapped, but what if there was an easy way to monitor real time feedback on how a project was progressing, or how the team was feeling about things overall?


IBM’s Mood Marbles app helps to gather overall team sentiment in projects, particularly from developers. The idea is novel, simple, and effective. Team members choose a marble color to depict how they’re feeling about the status of a given project each day, and can submit comments after selecting a color to indicate any calls-to-action to move toward a “green” status. The average color of the whole team, as well as individual members, can be viewed for any given day, week, or month in order to view the trend of team members’ sentiments.

IBM partnered with Topcoder to take this novel idea and execute on it, sprinting through design and UI prototyping in less than 8 weeks.