IBM Media Library
Design & Mobile Development

IBM wanted a new media library application that was designed for a mobile first user and developed for workers who are on the go. See how IBM and Topcoder partnered up to deliver this solution through crowdsourcing.

Project Details

This project was a team collaboration with IBM. Under the direction and guidance of Bill Bodin, CTO Mobility for IBM’s CIO Office, our teams helped IBM use crowdsourcing to design, prototype, and develop this ambitious and important worker experience application.


With an expansive media library, it comes as no surprise that the need for an intuitive library experience helps users to find the information they need and quickly. IBM has a web-based Media Library application that needed to be re-designed to work with mobile devices and various mobile screen sizes. Another goal of the client was to not only address the mobile screen, but the mobile user, who is often on the go, requiring the application to work on and off-line, ensuring ease of use and bolstering user uptake.


In a matter of only 5 months the entire project was completed. IBM sprinted through the design and UI prototyping phases with over a dozen Topcoder members contributing work for the front-end of their new, mobile solution. Following prototype, several coding challenges were executed and in parallel a research challenge was conducted to determine optimal video streaming bandwidth requirements.


Due to the enormous popularity of the initial application, further application extensions were created for advanced video streaming, an Apple Watch version, and more.