USA Diving

Concept Designs
USA Diving, the national governing body for Olympic diving in the United States, needed a way to track health and training data for Olympic divers located throughout [...]

IBM Mood Marbles

Design & Rapid Prototype
IBM wanted a new way to visualize team sentiment during the course of a technical project. Mood Marbles is an inventive, simple, and visual way to better [...]

IBM Media Library

Design & Mobile Development
IBM wanted a new media library application that was designed for a mobile first user and developed for workers who are on the go. See how IBM and Appirio [...]

PDS – Cassini Project

Image Recognition
Within Saturn’s majestic rings are mysteries yet to be solved. See how Image Recognition and Machine Learning was used to help push the boundaries of interstellar [...]

BMC – MyEBC Mobile App

BMC desired a brand new customer-driven mobile experience. MyEBC was crafted for executives and focused on delivering useful, timely information in an elegant, intuitive [...]

Atrocity Prevention

Predictive Analytics
Can lives be saved through a better, data-based understanding of why atrocities occur? See how our client achieved more predictive results through [...]