USA Diving

Concept Designs
USA Diving, the national governing body for Olympic diving in the United States, needed a way to track health and training data for Olympic divers located throughout [...]

IBM Mood Marbles

Design & Rapid Prototype
IBM wanted a new way to visualize team sentiment during the course of a technical project. Mood Marbles is an inventive, simple, and visual way to better [...]


Design Concepts & Prototype
You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why IBM teamed up with Topcoder to create an intuitive and extremely useful [...]


Using Topcoder’s self-service crowdsourcing product AppXpress, Beachbody was delivered thoughtful mobile concepts from a large variety of top designers in a fast time frame - [...]

Mobius – Jibe! Mobile Design Concepts

Concept Designs
When Mobius wanted to take their core product, Jibe!’s UI to the next level, they came to AppXpress to harness the power of top design talent within the [...]

NYC Agency – SEEN Mobile Concepts

Concept Designs
In a matter of only 3 days, we took the client from a digital strategy session, to a launched crowdsourcing challenge, to amazing mobile concepts that wowed. These [...]

3D Systems – HILO Mobile Concepts

Concept Designs
What if you had a bold idea, 48 hours and the Topcoder Community design pros by your side… what might get created? We found out live in San Francisco at the 2014 [...]