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Help NASA increase the speed of computations on the Pleiades supercomputer

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This Challenge has been cancelled by NASA

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Does the phrase “nonlinear partial differential equations used for unsteady computations” excite you?

Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD)

NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) is responsible for developing technologies that will enable future aircraft to burn less fuel, generate fewer emissions and make less noise. Every U.S. aircraft and U.S. air traffic control tower has NASA-developed technology on board. It's why we like to say, NASA is with you when you fly!

Do you want to help rocket scientists solve problems faster?

Do you want to try yourself with the complex computational software that NASA scientists use?

Do you want to help aerospace engineers solve problems faster?

Then this might be the challenge for you!

We need to increase the speed of computations on the Pleiades supercomputer, specifically for computational fluid dynamics, by orders of magnitude, and could use your help!

This isn’t a quest for the faint of heart. As a participant, you’ll need to gain access to FUN3D software through an application process with the US Government. Although this software usually runs on the Pleiades supercomputer, you can download and run it locally after applying here:

So what you really have to do?

You will need to get started on this right away, as this approval process will take several weeks. While you are waiting for the software request to be processed you can download and read the FUN3D documentation and manual.  

Are you down? If so, we recommend you dive in now and stay tuned to this crowdsourcing page for more details. Good luck! 

-FUN3D has strict export laws so only US citizens may apply for the software and compete in this challenge.  

-Use only personal non-affiliated emails like Gmail or Yahoo. Company or .edu emails should not be used since you are competing as an individual and they imply affiliation. 

-There is a question in the application that asks you to explain the purpose for which the software is to be used. You may simply put: “HPFCC Challenge” 

-You should plan to install the Fun3D on your own computer, NOT one provided by your company or school.   

-No other individuals besides yourself should be using this software and you should answer affirmative to the question asking if it will be used in-house only.

-You should use your full name for the recipient (Company/ University) Name question.

-Once your request has been accepted you will get an email notification informing you will need to sign the Software User Agreement. Once you log back into the NASA Software portal and you should see your request in the Pending state, there will be “action” button with an option to sign the SUA. This does not mean your application is complete. Once you sign, the final step is to verify your address.

-Once you sign the Software agreement (SUA) you will be sent a letter via the US mail which will contain a passcode. You may respond to the email provided in the letter and include the passcode. After you send the email which includes the passcode you should receive instructions to download the software within one business day.

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FUN3D Application Guidance

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The Challenge is now live! 

Register, Compete and Win!

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