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Why should you use crowdsourcing?



Top talent is difficult to find, time consuming to train, and expensive to retain. It doesn’t have to be. Use crowdsourcing to access the right talent when you need them.



Progress in today’s digital world happens in days and weeks, not months and years. We can help you move faster to get more done.



If you are not thinking of your next big move, someone else is. Use the crowd to uncover innovative solutions that you can execute with confidence.

Gain the speed, agility and capability you need to win in today’s digital world.

How does crowdsourcing work?

Do you run faster alone or when you’re in a race? Topcoder is fueled by competition. Experts from across the globe compete in challenges by submitting their best work. You receive the best, winning solutions.

What can you get done?

Design and develop amazing consumer apps. Optimize critical algorithms. Modernize your business applications. Even build your own custom technology community.

Customer Stories

eBay Inc.

eBay wanted to develop a hybrid mobile application that would allow executives the ability to quickly request IT technical service help, and it needed to be dead simple to use.

“The fact that there is this quality of engineers all over the world, it really made me re-think how I resource projects.”

Marc Kocher
Sr. Manager, Engineering

Brivo Labs

Brivo Labs had an Internet of Things vision. To create and unleash a new identity management API that would allow the world to access physical places through social credentials seamlessly. Once the API was created, they needed amazing applications to show it off. They got it all done through crowdsourcing.

“How would we have been able to develop it (properly) in the amount of time we did –  months, not years – if we didn’t have the power of the crowd? We wouldn’t have. We’d probably be in the process of figuring it out still.”

Lee Odess
VP, Marketing and Enterprise Sales


Honeywell Building Solutions wanted an application that reimagined mobility in the workforce, untethering humans from command control centers while brilliantly visualizing real-time data analytics. Part IoT, part Salesforce platform, part data analytics – all good.

“What Appirio gave us is a totally new way to think about the problem, a different way to address our challenge and come up with a solution that’s equally creative and satisfies a customer need.”

Datta Godbole
CTO Honeywell


When you combine the productivity of a calendar tool with the power and connectivity of a social network, you get Jibe!, the native app platform from Mobius. Their team used AppXpress, Topcoder’s self-service crowdsourcing offering to sprint to beta while staying on budget.

“When we wanted to refine the UI of Jibe!, we chose AppXpress because it gave us access to top talent designers at a speed and cost we couldn’t find elsewhere. Within two weeks, we had high quality final design submissions, which has helped us get ready for beta launch.”

Michael Neves
Co-founder, Platform Development at Mobius

Reports & Crowdsourcing Articles

Stunning and innovative drone dashboards crowdsourced.

And it all happened in just 72 hours.

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70+ top algorithmists submitted 400+ unique solutions to this challenge.

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Meet the community

  • “I am from India. It’s such an awesome place especially for design lovers because it has always been remembered as a country of symbolic colors… I participate in as many challenges as I can because Topcoder is addictive for the design enthusiasts.”

    Ravijune Studio Design Member - Mobile UI/UX
  • “Competing on (topcoder) Design Studio meant the opportunity to work on exciting, large scale projects - and you could jump in at any stage of the project – wireframes, logo and branding, web, infographics, interface design, anywhere!”

    CoralBlue Studio Design and Development Member - Web, Mobile UI/UX, Cloud Developer
  • “I am 25 years old and I live in Poland. I am kind of person who likes to compete. Topcoder gives me this opportunity and also, I can win big prizes.”

    Sky_ Development Member - Node.js, AngularJS
  • “Programming contests quickly turned out to be my new hobby. I was lucky enough to start when it was still possible for mere mortals to qualify for the onsite finals.”

    Psyho Data Science Member - Algorithms, Analytics
  • “Each project is different and represents an opportunity to improve myself… Design is an infinite path, so I spend my days researching and learning everything I can.”

    ArteVisual Studio Design Member - Web & Mobile Design, Iconography & Logos
  • “I joined Topcoder in 2004 when I was in college… "I've worked on [a] wide range of business domains, including financ[e], healthcare, ERP, retail, etc."

    albertwang Development Member - Java, Scala, Python, Ruby
  • “To me Topcoder is a melting pot where talented people from all over the world gather. It is an awesome place to be!”

    selvia_ettine Studio Design Member - Information Architecture (Wireframing)
  • “I love to solve problems and I have a lot of ideas so I love to have found a place to deliver them... I can improve my skills in any project category from design to development.”

    f0rc0d3r Studio Design Member - Information Architecture (Wireframing)
  • “Working for Topcoder has given me immense freedom in terms of how my life can be structured. I have the freedom to work whenever and wherever I want … ”

    Ghostar Development Member - Java, UML, C#

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